How Do I Reinvent Myself?

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile

Roger Staubach

What do executive search consultants look for in a candidate? Until 10 years ago, the answer was very simple: Results, results, and results. Past performance was considered to be the best predictor of future performance. No matter what, business is about creating results; they may be growth rates, market share gains, free cash flow or other key performance indicators. The foundation for a successful career is tangible or hardcore results and your reputation is the sum of your past performance. There's no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs. In addition to that you may have excellent leadership and interpersonal competencies. At the end of the day you are measured by the value you create for your organization and your future career will depend on the potential value you will create for your new organization. But nowadays, there is more to the story than just performance and results.

I have already touched on the fundamental concept of Learning Agility which we will now explore in detail. The construct of Learning Agility consists of five dimensions:

1. Mental Agility
2. People Agility
3. Change Agility
4. Results Agility
5. Self-Awareness.

Learning Agility is not correlated with age, gender, education, or other demographics – yet only 15% of the population is learning agile. It is a psychographic, not a demographic. However, there is evidence that Learning Agility increases ...

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