Chapter 30. Enhancing Communication: Identifying Techniques to Use with Diverse Groups

Robert William Lucas


  • To enhance awareness of the need to use certain techniques to enhance communication with diverse types of people.

  • To identify techniques that can be used in order to clarify communication.

Group Size

Three to six groups of approximately four members each.

Time Required

One to one and one-half hours.


  • A copy of the Enhancing Communication Sheet for each participant.

  • A newsprint flip chart and felt-tipped markers for each group.

  • A copy of the Enhancing Communication Lecturette for the facilitator.

  • A newsprint flip chart and felt-tipped markers for the facilitator.

  • Masking tape for posting newsprint.

Physical Setting

A room large enough for subgroups to work without disturbing other groups. Provide a chair for each participant. Tables for the subgroups are optional.


  1. The facilitator introduces the activity and delivers the Enhancing Communication Lecturette. (Five minutes.)

  2. The facilitator asks the participants, "What are some of the diverse types of people that could cause problems in communicating with them?™ If needed, the facilitator may give one of the following as an example:

    • Those people from other cultures who have difficulty speaking the language,

    • Those people who have different orientations because of their cultural backgrounds,

    • People who have hearing or speech disabilities,

    • People who have learning disabilities or people who are illiterate/uneducated,

    • Members of the ...

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