Chapter 32. Organizational Values and Voice Audit

Diane M. Gayeski

Abstract: Many organizations suffer from poor employee performance and attitudes because policies do not support the firm's stated goals and initiatives. Nowhere is this more significant than in employee communication and training practices, as these are the primary "voices" of the company to its constituencies. The Organizational Values and Voice Audit is an instrument through which organizational members can pinpoint areas that, in their perception, may be out of alignment with their organization's values and goals. A table of common disconnects is used to guide a discussion in which participants share their own responses to the questionnaire and can then recommend changes in communication and training practices.


The phrase "walking the talk" is a common reference to managers' ability and willingness to behave in ways that encourage their subordinates to act in accordance with the organization's espoused values and culture. Unfortunately, employees in all types of organizations often perceive that management does not, in fact, walk the talk. This leads to a lack of executive credibility, employee cynicism, mixed messages, and lack of focus, all of which contribute to impaired individual and organizational performance.

Although the actions of individual members in an organization carry strong messages, so do its internal and external communications and training policies and practices. Training courses, ...

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