The Photographer's Guide to Drones

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The Photographer’s Guide to Drones explains everything photographers need to know about drones and quadcopters in order to take their photography to new levels.

Consumer drones and quadcopters have become the hottest new gear in photography, whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur shooter. These “flying tripods” have given photographers the ability to place their cameras virtually anywhere they want, creating still images and video footage that were previously impossible to capture. Many photographers have a drone or quadcopter right at the top of their “I want” list. And many others have already purchased a drone a bit ahead of the curve.

No matter what model one may own—DJI, 3DR, Yuneec, GoPro—all of these photographers need to learn how to put this new gear to good use in their aerial photography. They need to learn how to safely operate and fly a drone, how to create compelling photos and video, and how to make their work stand out from the crowd in this exciting new field.

The Photographer’s Guide to Drones explains everything photographers need to know about drones and quadcopters in order to take their photography to new levels…literally.

Photographer and author Colin Smith guides the reader along, as he teaches:

    • How to fly a drone, including practice flight patterns and controller tips that will help readers master the basics
    • New rules of composition for aerial photography as they apply to drone and quadcopter imagery
    • How to create the best files for both still photos and video
      • Post-processing techniques unique to aerial photography that readers need to know, such as how to make videos look both dynamic and smooth

The book also features award-winning and beautiful aerial photography. Plus, at the beginning of each of the book's eight chapters, beautiful three-page fold-out images inspire readers on their journey to creating images that truly stand above the crowd.

Take your aerial photography to new heights with The Photographer's Guide to Drones.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 Safety and Regulations
    1. Safety
      1. Preflight Safety
      2. In-Flight Safety
      3. Propeller Guards
      4. Attacks by Seagulls
      5. Other Safety Concerns
    2. Regulations
      1. Registration
      2. Commercial Use
      3. Part 107
    3. Conclusion
  2. Chapter 2 Drones and Gear
    1. Different Platforms
      1. DJI
      2. 3D Robotics (3DR) Solo
      3. Firmware Updates
    2. Filters
    3. First Person View (FPV)
    4. Batteries
  3. Chapter 3 Flight School
    1. Pre-Flight Check
    2. FPV App
    3. Control Basics
      1. Controllers
    4. A Dozen Exercise Patterns to Fly Like a Master
      1. Time to Yaw
      2. Framing Exercise
      3. Master of Movement
    5. Advanced Flight Modes
      1. GPS Assist
      2. ATTI
      3. Course Lock
      4. Home Lock
    6. Self-Flying, Robotic Flying
      1. POI/Orbit
      2. Selfie
      3. Cable Cam / Waypoints
      4. Follow Me
    7. TOAL: Takeoff and Landing
      1. Auto Takeoff and Land
      2. Manual Takeoff and Land
      3. Handheld Launch / Catch Landing
      4. Which Which?
  4. Chapter 4 Shooting Photographs with a Drone
    1. Foundational Rules of Photography
      1. Rule of Thirds for Composition
      2. Change Your Viewpoint, Change the Photo
      3. Try Flying Lower
      4. Fill the Frame with the Subject
      5. Foreground Elements and Interest
      6. Leading Lines
      7. Control the Background
      8. Shoot During Good Light
      9. Golden Hour
    2. Special Types of Photography
      1. Panoramas
      2. Bracketing: HDR, Capturing the Full Range
      3. Panoramic HDR
      4. Burst of Shots to Get the Action
      5. Bird’s-Eye View
  5. Chapter 5 Shooting Video with Drones
    1. First-Person View in Video
    2. Video Basics
      1. Frame Size
      2. Frame Rate
      3. Best Settings for Video
      4. ND Filters
    3. A Word on Compelling Video
    4. Video Movement
      1. Static Video
      2. Dynamic Video
      3. Single-Axis Moves
      4. Aerial Camera Moves
  6. Chapter 6 Basic Photo Workflow in Lightroom or Acr
    1. Media Downloading and Tips
      1. Dumping Your Data
      2. Where Are You Putting It?
      3. Where Is It?
    2. Asset Management in Lightroom
      1. Catalog
      2. Collections
      3. Keywords
      4. Finding Images in Lightroom
      5. Basic Edits in Lightroom
    3. Basic Lightroom Workflow
      1. Fix the Lens
      2. Crop and Straighten
      3. Color Correction
      4. Tonal Corrections
      5. Enhancements
    4. Local Corrections
      1. Adjustment Brush
      2. Dehaze
    5. Fixing the Bad Stuff
      1. Noise
      2. Chromatic Aberration
    6. Finishing Techniques
      1. Radial
      2. Vignette
      3. Creative Use of Dehaze
    7. Sharpen
      1. Sharpening Workflow
    8. Conclusion
  7. Chapter 7 Advanced Photo Editing
    1. Panoramas
      1. Panoramas in Lightroom
      2. Panoramas in Photoshop
    2. High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images
    3. Photoshop Masking
      1. High Pass Sharpening
    4. HDR Panorama
      1. Recovering the Entire Image
      2. Removing Distractions
      3. Finishing
    5. Special Effects
      1. Tilt Shift
      2. 360-Degree Tiny Planet
  8. Chapter 8 Editing Aerial Video
    1. Free (Or Almost Free)
    2. Trimming Clips
      1. Mining the Shots in NLE
      2. Trimming in Photoshop
    3. Photos from Video
      1. Extracting a Still in Premiere Pro
      2. Extracting a Still in Lightroom
    4. Color Grading
      1. Lumetri
      2. What About the Histogram?
      3. Adding Color to the Shadows and Highlights
      4. Storytelling with Color Grading
    5. LUTS
      1. Using LUTs
      2. Rolling Your Own LUTS
    6. Plugins for Stylized looks
      1. Magic Bullet
    7. Fixing Common Aerial Video Problems
      1. Reducing Shake
      2. Removing Lens Distortion
      3. Reducing Prop Shadows
      4. Reducing Noise
    8. Encoding
      1. Encoding from Adobe Premiere Pro
      2. Encoding from Photoshop
    9. Parting Words

Product information

  • Title: The Photographer's Guide to Drones
  • Author(s): Colin Smith
  • Release date: August 2016
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681981161