The Photoshop Elements 5 Restoration Retouching Book

Book description

Bring out all your old storage boxes of photos, and open up all the images you've shot that were just "okay." In his latest book, Matt Kloskowski shows you how to restore old photos and retouch newer ones to make your images go from so-so to great. Matt trains thousands of people each year, showing them exactly how to make their photos (and the people in those photos) look their very best. He won't bog readers down with unnecessary details, but instead will show them, with clear step-by-step instructions, the best techniques in Photoshop Elements to make the best images. Everyone wants their photos to look great, and to be appreciated and noticed by their family and friends. With Matt's newest book, readers will learn the most useful techniques for restoring old photos--from removing dust and mold to repairing scratches and tears--and retouching images of people--including specific sections about working on difficult areas, such as the eyes and mouth.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Read This Before You Read the Rest of the Book
  4. One. Retouching People and Portraits
    1. 1. Fixing Exposure and Color Issues
      1. Making Dark Photos Lighter
      2. Darkening People That Are Too Bright
      3. How to Spot Photos That Are Off-Color
      4. Fixing a Color Cast
      5. Removing That Yellowish Color from a Photo
    2. 2. It’s All in the Eyes
      1. Whitening the Eyes
      2. Enhancing Eye Color
      3. Adding That Twinkle to the Eyes
      4. Darkening Eyebrows
      5. Thickening Eyelashes
      6. Fixing Red Eye
      7. Removing Green Eye from Pets
      8. Opening Squinted Eyes
      9. Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes
      10. Removing Glare from Glasses
    3. 3. Retouching the Mouth
      1. Making Teeth Whiter
      2. Enhancing the Lips
      3. Make ‘em Smile
      4. Fixing Spaces Between Teeth
      5. Fixing Crooked Teeth
      6. Removing Braces
    4. 4. Enhancing the Overall Face
      1. Illuminating Facial Features
      2. Softening Skin
      3. Reducing Shiny Skin
      4. Lessening Blemishes, Freckles, or Acne
      5. Removing Crow’s Feet and Other Wrinkles
      6. Reducing a Double Chin
      7. Scott’s Chin/Neck Thinning Technique
      8. How (and Why) to Crop a Portrait
      9. Drawing Focus to the Subject
    5. 5. Digital Body Shaping
      1. Thickening Thinning Hair
      2. Removing Areas of Gray Hair
      3. Reducing the Size of a Nose
      4. Removing Tan Lines
      5. Adding a Tan
      6. Getting That Silvery Gray Hair Look
      7. Thinning the Waist Area
      8. Enhancing Muscle Tone
      9. Tasteful Chest Augmentation
  5. Two. Restoring Old Photos
    1. 6. Fixing Old Photos That Are Too Dark
      1. Lightening a Dark Photo
      2. Selectively Fixing Dark Areas
    2. 7. Fixing Old Photos That Are Too Light
      1. Making Light Photos Darker
      2. Improving Contrast in Old Photos
      3. Darkening with Black and White
      4. Darkening Specific Parts of a Photo
    3. 8. Working with Color, Stains, and Discolorations
      1. Removing a Color Cast
      2. Adding Color to Black-and-White Photos
      3. Getting Rid of That “Old Photo” Look
      4. Removing Paper Patterns and Textures
      5. Repairing Water Damage
    4. 9. Rebuilding Techniques
      1. Removing Dust and Specks
      2. Fixing Minor Tears and Creases
      3. Piecing Together a Torn Photo
      4. Repairing Bends or Cracks in Photos
      5. Adding in Missing People
      6. Cropping Difficult-to-Fix Areas
      7. Enhancing Damaged or Faded Edges
      8. Don’t Fix the Background—Move the Person
  6. Getting Your Photos Onto Your Computer
    1. Getting Photos from a Camera or Card Reader
    2. Scanning New or Old Photos Into Your Computer
    3. Dividing and Cropping Multi-Photo Scans
    4. Taking Photos of Old Photos

Product information

  • Title: The Photoshop Elements 5 Restoration Retouching Book
  • Author(s): Matt Kloskowski
  • Release date: December 2006
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780321481658