ABL lending process, 7071

Above-the-line costs, 48

Accountants, 4748

Accounting for Director's Services Agreements, 188

for Performer's Services Agreements, 219

for Producer's Services Agreement, 175

under content aggregator deal, 319

under Screenplay Purchase Agreements,107

Accredited investors, 5859

Actors, 203225. See also Performer's

Services Agreements; Screen Actors Guild (SAG) agents and, 222223

auditions for, 223

likeness approval for, 387

Performer's Services Agreement for, 203,212222

quotes for, 224

SAG for, 6, 205212

Actor's Fund of America, 402

“Additional insureds”, 50

Advertising and DIY distribution, 308

AFM. See American Federation of Musicians

AFTRA. See American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) ...

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