Part 1

  1 www­.or­der­oft­hec­oif­.or­g

Chapter 1

  1 Rights of publicity are often considered “privacy rights,” as in New York’s NY CLS Civ R §§50–51 (2012)

  2 This is not true if the work has been created as a work for hire. (See Work For Hire, p. 41.)

Chapter 2

  1 17 USC §102.

  2 However, see Visual Artists Rights Act (p. 399): with respect to some rights you may have in limited editions of your work.

  3 Weinstein Co. v. Smokewood Entertainment Group, LLC, 664 F.Supp.2d 332, 341 (S.D.N.Y., 2009).(“The intention of a copyright owner seeking to transfer an ownership interest must be clear and unequivocal”).

  4 “With respect to the first element, we explained that the intent prong does not have to do with the collaborators’ intent ...

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