Photo of a seated figure of Imhotep.
Imhotep - architect, poet, physician, priest, philosopher, statesman (27th century BC Egypt)
Photo of Aristotle facing on the left, with right hand flattened and palm downward.
Aristotle - zoologist, botanist, physicist, philosopher, art theorist, political theorist, astronomer (4th century BC Greece)
Line drawing of Ban Zhao holding a book (shoulder level) with her left hand.
Ban Zhao - historian, genealogist, librarian, poet, philosopher, travel writer, astronomer (1st century China)
Photo of Lubna of Cordoba facing to her right while holding the pen and paper on her lap.
Lubna of Cordoba - mathematician, linguist, poets, scientist, librarian (10th century Andalusia)
Portrait of Shen Kuo.
Shen Kuo - anatomist, astronomer, artist, poet, engineer, mathematician, bureaucrat (10th century China)
Portrait of Ibn Sina.
Ibn Sina - physician, philosopher, theologian, mathematician, poet, astronomer (11th century Persia)
Portrait of Hildegard de Bingen.
Hildegard de Bingen - theologian, composer, poet, philosopher, scientist, grammarian (12th century Germany)
Ibn Khaldun - philosopher, historian, ...

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