Careers in Finance
Tracee Petrillo and Ralph J. Constantino
Unless you picked up this book at the airport for a long trip to Fiji, it’s a safe bet you are interested in and/or already have an MBA as such. This is the perfect time for you to define, plan, and execute your end game. But just what do we mean by the “end game”? The end game is not a singular, unique, and magical final event; rather, it is a series of interconnected objectives that lead toward an end goal or goals.
For example, thinking about your future led you to your initial end game—exploring MBA programs. That effort in turn led you to another series of end games: taking the GMAT test, researching programs, completing applications, preparing for admissions interviews, and ultimately enrolling. Were these actions individual end games or a series of interconnected steps leading to a true end game? Now is when you define and take specific steps to reach your ultimate end game—employment.
For those who recognize that the ultimate end game is satisfying and rewarding, employment, this section is a must-read. It is intended to provide insight, overview, direction, and encouragement. We review career choices in finance popular among MBA graduates. In addition, we provide some tried-and-true strategies as well as “the road less traveled” advice. This chapter will complement your MBA program, hard work, and skills development, and assist you in attaining a satisfying and rewarding career.

Overview: What Is the ...

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