2 Sex (and Sublimity)

Its passions will rock theeAs the storms rock the ravens on highP.B. Shelley

It is surely our number one pastime, our ruling obsession, our preferred patois; America is quite hopelessly all over, and into, and about, sex. Everyone’s into it, quite without exception, and wholly without regard to political, or social, persuasion; liberals, conservatives, Seventh-Day Adventists, Hare Krishnas; civilians, army personnel, pensioners, retirees, the unemployed; blacks, whites, the undecided – but everyone. It’s indeed quite impressive, and no other society quite matches up, even if it cared to; only in America do sexists, anti-sexists, feminists, chauvinists, vegetarians, and tee-totallers, all come together, in alleviative consilience, ...

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