The Power of Positive Criticism

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Some people just can't take criticism. And some people just can't give it-not in a positive, motivating, mutually beneficial manner, anyway. That's too bad, because criticism is essential to many aspects of business, such as performance appraisals, quality control, and team functioning, to name a few.

This empowering book helps readers take the sting out of criticism-and transform it from a destructive, demoralizing disaster into an energizing, educating experience that builds relationships and increases individual and organizational success.

Using real-life scenarios and the author's 21 tips to positive criticism, readers will learn to:

  • Think of criticism as a positive thing

  • Become strategic criticizers and develop their skill in using the power of positive criticism

  • Stay cool, calm, and collected when giving or getting criticism

  • Criticize their boss--without getting fired, and more.

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Acknowledgments
      1. The Battery:
    3. Introduction
      1. What to Expect
    4. I. Twenty Tips
      1. Tip #1: Befriend Criticism
      2. Tip #2: Criticize Strategically
      3. Tip #3: Be Improvement Oriented
      4. Tip #4: Protect the Self-Esteem
      5. Tip #5: Choose the Right Words
      6. Tip #6: Criticize Your Criticisms
      7. Tip #7: Involve Your Recipient
      8. Tip #8: Remember the Merits . . . Without the ''But''
      9. Tip #9: Tell Them What You Want
      10. Tip #10: Be Timing-Oriented
      11. Tip #11: Use Questions Socratically
      12. Tip #12: When Words Don't Work, Use Your Actions
      13. Tip #13: Use Your Expectations
      14. Tip #14: Acknowledge That It's Subjectivesss
      15. Tip #15: Put Motivation in Your Criticisms
      16. Tip #16: Use Their World
      17. Tip #17: Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up
      18. Tip #18: Know Your Criteria for Criticizing
      19. Tip #19: Listen to Yourself
      20. Tip #20: Stay Cool, Calm, and Collected
      21. Tips in Action
    5. II. Frequent, Challenging, and Difficult Criticism Situations
      1. So You're Afraid to Criticize Your Boss?
      2. The Wrath of Criticism
      3. It's Personal, Not Business
      4. Criticism Among Equals
        1. Create the Perception of a Common Goal
        2. Show How a Peer's Performance Affects Both of You
        3. Agree With or Support a Peer's Behavior but Refer to Significant Others—People More Important Than Yourself—Who Probably Won't
        4. Ask for Permission to Criticize
      5. In the Line of Fire
      6. Criticism in Groups
      7. ''I Lost It in the Sun''
      8. When the Customer Isn't Right
      9. ''That's a Terrible Idea''; ''It Won't Work''; ''Nobody Cares''
      10. When You're the Fall Guy
      11. Friendship Harassment
      12. When Criticism Is Ethical
      13. I Heard It Through the Grapevine
      14. I Knew Him When . . .
      15. A Positive Critic
      16. Appendix The Criticism Inventory (TCI)
        1. The Criticism Inventory
      17. About the Author
        1. Contact Information

    Product information

    • Title: The Power of Positive Criticism
    • Author(s): Hendrie Weisinger
    • Release date: September 1999
    • Publisher(s): AMACOM
    • ISBN: 0814404839