The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life

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Praise for The Power of Self-Confidence

"Brian Tracy is the master in understanding and teaching self-enrichment. In this priceless book, he unlocks the key to your door of success and fulfillment—belief in your own potential. Internalize his wisdom and you will surely realize your goals."

—DENIS WAITLEY, author of Psychology of Success

"Brian continues to impact the lives of everyone he touches. This book provides a logical road map that everyone can use to maximize their true potential."

—JOSEPH SHERREN, CSP, HoF, author of iLead: Five Insights for Building Sustainable Organizations

"When Brian Tracy writes a new book, I drop everything and start reading. We all need sharp lessons on developing more self-confidence and pursuing challenging goals. This book will make a significant difference in your life."

—PAT WILLIAMS, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President and author of Leadership Excellence

"The one quality that makes all the success principles work is unshakable confidence in yourself. Brian now shows you how to grow your confidence to the point where you become unstoppable."

—JACK CANFIELD, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul®

"Lacking confidence erodes your self-worth and paralyzes your productivity. In this book, Brian Tracy shares the secrets to developing and maintaining high levels of self-confidence—so that you can live the greatest life!"

—KRISTIN ARNOLD, author of Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audience to Action

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Contents
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Introduction
  7. Chapter 1: The Foundation of Self-Confidence
    1. You Become What You Think About
    2. Personal Growth is Not Easy
    3. Your Inner Life Predicts Your Outer Life
    4. Start with Your Inner Life
    5. Determine Your Values
    6. Values in Business
    7. Clarify Your Personal Values
    8. Values are Nonnegotiable
    9. Values Clarification
    10. Organize Your Values
    11. Order of Values Forces You to Choose
    12. Integrity Revisited
    13. Set Peace of Mind as Your Highest Principle
    14. Your Values are Only Expressed in Your Actions
    15. The Law of Reversibility
    16. The Act-As-If Principle
    17. The Principle of Resistance
    18. Developing Inner Strength
  8. Chapter 2: Purpose and Personal Power
    1. The Law of Indirect Effort
    2. Become More Confident and Competent
    3. Thought is Creative
    4. The Law of Attraction
    5. The Law of Correspondence
    6. The Law of Concentration
    7. The Law of Substitution
    8. The Law of Emotion
    9. The Power of Decision
    10. The Importance of Goals
    11. The Master Skill of Success
    12. Remarkable Success Stories
    13. Fear Holds You Back
    14. The Comfort Zone
    15. Resistance to Change
    16. The Attainment of Personal Greatness
    17. Imagine No Limitations
    18. Categorize Your Goals
    19. Organize Your Goals
    20. Focus and Concentrate
    21. Make It Measurable and Bound by Time
    22. Make Your Plans
    23. A Simple Technique
  9. Chapter 3: Achieving Competence and Personal Mastery
    1. The Edge of the Envelope
    2. Expand Your Envelope
    3. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
    4. Build Your Own Self-Confidence
    5. Achieving Peak Performance
    6. Getting Into the Flow Experience
    7. Find Your True Place
    8. Grandma Moses
    9. Follow Your Heart
    10. Courage and Confidence are Essential
    11. The Four Quadrants of Work
    12. Examine Your Work History
    13. Design Your Ideal Work Life
    14. Maximize Your Return on Energy
    15. Do What You Love
    16. Two Questions to Test Job Suitability
    17. Commit to Excellence
    18. Excellence is Learnable
    19. The Law of Accumulation
    20. The Law of Incremental Improvement
    21. Pattern Recognition
    22. The Grand Masters
    23. The Foundation of Self-Confidence
    24. Moving to the Top
    25. Identify Your Key Skills
    26. Analyze Your Skill Levels
    27. Deliberate Practice
    28. Identify Your Key Skill
    29. All Skills are Learnable
    30. Your Most Valuable Financial Asset
  10. Chapter 4: The Inner Game of Self-Confidence
    1. The Law of Belief
    2. The Power of Belief
    3. The $500,000 Check
    4. The Man on the Bridge
    5. First Convince Yourself
    6. The Power of Suggestion
    7. Control Your Suggestive Environment
    8. Control Your Emotions
    9. Think Before You React
    10. The Power of Self-Suggestion
    11. Make Self-Control into a Game
    12. The Power of Autosuggestion
    13. A Quick Review
    14. Take Charge of Your Life
    15. Actions Have Consequences
    16. Problems versus Facts
    17. Accepting Responsibility is the Beginning
    18. Control Your Thoughts
    19. Positive Self-Talk
    20. Your Interpretive Style
    21. Practice Positive Expectations
    22. Talk to Yourself Positively
    23. Control Your Thoughts and Feelings
    24. Unlimited Potential
    25. Written Affirmations
    26. Practice Visualization
    27. Mental Rehearsal
    28. Improve Your Mental Pictures
    29. Get Your Dream House
    30. The End of the Movie
    31. Feed Your Mind
    32. Get Around Positive People
    33. Attract Positive People into Your Life
    34. Everything Counts
    35. Take Action Continually
  11. Chapter 5: Capitalizing on Your Strengths
    1. Your Area of Excellence
    2. Choose the Right Field
    3. Happiness and Satisfaction
    4. Living Congruently
    5. Courage is Essential
    6. Follow Your Heart
    7. Be Honest with Yourself
    8. Compensating for Weaknesses
    9. Developing Strength and Resiliency
    10. You are a Bundle of Resources
    11. Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses
    12. Increase Your Return on Energy
    13. Differentiate Yourself
    14. You are the President of You, Inc.
    15. Join the Top 3 Percent
    16. Designing Your Future
    17. Find Out What You are Meant to Do
    18. Be Prepared to Develop New Skills
    19. Be Aware of Yourself
    20. Invest in Yourself
    21. Self-Analysis and Self-Disclosure
    22. List All Your Current Skills and Capabilities
    23. Cluster Your Roles and Activities
    24. Set Priorities on Your Roles
    25. Ask for Input from Others
    26. An Important Insight
    27. Determine What Motivates You
    28. Make a Real Difference
    29. Accept Your Weaknesses
    30. Sales versus Management
    31. Situational Weaknesses
    32. You May Be Hypersensitive
    33. Amenable to Education
    34. Weaknesses are Good Indicators
    35. Strengths and Weaknesses
  12. Chapter 6: Triumphing over Adversity
    1. Persistence is Essential
    2. The Reality Habit
    3. The Test of Character
    4. Play Well on the Team
    5. Crisis Management
    6. Reversals of Fortune
    7. The Challenge-Response Theory
    8. Deal with the Challenge Effectively
    9. All Civilizations Eventually Decline
    10. The Story of Your Life
    11. The Rise and Fall of a Business
    12. Your Responses Determine Your Future
    13. Problems and Difficulties Come Unbidden
    14. Adversity and Character Development
    15. Your Response-Ability is the Key
    16. Responding Well to Disappointment
    17. Crisis Anticipation
    18. Advance Thinking and Planning
    19. The Concept of Failure
    20. Double Your Rate of Failure
    21. Our Greatest Inventor
    22. Success is a Numbers Game
    23. Learn from Every Failure
    24. Plan for the Future
    25. Spread the Risk
    26. What Could Go Wrong?
    27. Become Intensely Solution Oriented
    28. Never Consider the Possibility of Failure
    29. Courage and Persistence
  13. Chapter 7: Self-Confidence In Action
    1. Self-Confidence is Critical
    2. Try More Things
    3. An Inauspicious Beginning
    4. Early Behavior Problems
    5. Failure from the Beginning
    6. Laboring Jobs
    7. Selling from Door to Door
    8. The Big Question
    9. The Big Turning Point
    10. The Importance of Goals
    11. Three Great Ideas
    12. We Sabotage Ourselves
    13. You Can Develop Any Quality
    14. The Secret of Success
    15. The Four Ds of Success and Self-Confidence
    16. Positive Knowing versus Positive Thinking
    17. The Gallup Success Survey
    18. Five Essential Success Qualities
    19. Be Good at What You Do
    20. Self-Reliance
    21. Intelligence is More Than IQ
    22. Income and IQ
    23. How is Intelligence Defined?
    24. Intelligence Defined
    25. Make Your Actions Congruent
    26. Avoid Self-Delusion
    27. Getting the Job Done
    28. Get Onto the Fast Track
    29. Do What the Top People Do
    30. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
    31. Do Your Work Quickly and Well
    32. Dedicate Yourself to Continuous Learning
    33. Take Continuous Forward Action
    34. Be Your Own Cheerleader
    35. Control Your Mental Pictures
    36. Develop Discipline and Courage
    37. Take Excellent Care of Yourself
    38. Speak Up with Confidence and Clarity
    39. Practice No-Limit Thinking
  14. About the Author
  15. Brian Tracy: Speaker-Author-Consultant
  16. Index

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  • Title: The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life
  • Author(s): Brian Tracy
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781118435915