Since we don’t get to take advantage of the power of 20/20 hindsight, we humans grow by making mistakes, learning from them, picking ourselves up, and carrying on. Sometimes the mistakes we make are so big that the task of picking ourselves up seems impossible. The key to improvement is in recognizing the error of our ways, finding a better course of action, and being consistent in moving in a more positive direction. Weldon Long understands this better than most. He has studied and boiled down hundreds of concepts into one simple principle: To improve your life in all respects, design your course and then embrace consistency.

I’m honored to write this foreword for many reasons, primarily because I can relate so well to the topic. You see, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I quit college after 90 days. I failed my real estate exam several times. However, I repeatedly and consistently studied and took it over and over again until I passed.

I made only one sale my first six months in real estate. I kept working hard at it, but as it turned out, I was working hard at the wrong things. When I was down to my last $150 in savings, I was directed toward the world of self-development. My eyes were opened to unbelievable possibilities. I became a real student for the first time in my life. Through a whole lot of trial and error and a great deal of consistent effort, I achieved a tremendous level of success in my career.

During my last year in real estate, I sold 365 properties—the ...

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