Chapter 1

Understanding Romantics and Warriors

It's Feelings versus Logic for These Styles

If your lowest score is in column b, you are a Romantic. Now, there are three distinct types of Romantics (just as there are for all four of the styles), and we will explore these when we examine the 12 Hollywood movie characters. For now, let's focus on the similarities that exist between all Romantics.

Romantics' style is based on sensitivity to emotion. They live in a delusion comprised of feelings and experience emotions more palpably than the other three styles. Imagine that we each have six senses—the traditional five plus one more that our life experiences (not our DNA) have created. The Romantics' sixth sense is in perceiving the emotional content of their environment.

A Romantic can walk into a room, see someone, and correctly proclaim, “They are not happy,” without even talking to the other person. Non-Romantics might ask, “How do you know? You haven't talked to anyone.” “I can just tell; the anger is thick in here,” the Romantic responds. Somehow, the Romantic's life experiences have made him or her more adept at recognizing feelings. Perhaps the Romantic is more attuned to nonverbal communication elements or has actually developed a sixth sense of emotion. Whatever the reason, Romantics live in a feeling world.

Romantics' primary desire is for world peace. “Why can't we all just get along?” they wonder. If we could just join hands and sing “We Are the World,” they would be happy. ...

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