Chapter 8

Personal Relationships and Interactive Style

Better Understand Family and Friends and Enhance Your Marriage

I mentioned earlier a curious observation when it comes to love: There appears to be a good many marriages and romantic couplings of all types that involve two partners that, in any other dynamic, would appear to be completely incompatible. Somehow, when romance is added to the equation, interactive style takes a backseat . . . well, at least initially. There is most definitely an initial stage of romantic partnership that is more hormonal than style-driven. But what does one do when that early euphoria of love gives way to a more potentially enduring, or destructive, next phase? The answer lies in understanding those intrinsic needs, respecting the diverse contribution of each person to the partnership, and having a well-established process for resolving the inevitable conflict.

Romantics thrive in environments that are abundant with appreciation for the sacrifices they make for others. Genuine, sincere sharing of love and gratitude will go a long way in fulfilling their needs. They don't ask for this appreciation, at least not in overt ways that styles like the Warrior or the Expert may notice, so it is important that a Romantic's partner regularly provide evidence of appreciation, even if the Romantic doesn't seem to need it.

The feeling component of the environment is also critical to a Romantic's contentment. Although Romantics will occasionally have a need ...

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