Chapter 10Positive Leaders Lead with Purpose

We don't get burned out because of what we do. We get burned out because we forget why we do it.

There will be days that you wake up and don't feel very positive. There will be times your culture doesn't seem strong. There will be moments you don't feel very positive about the vision of where you are going. There will be meetings where the energy vampires seem like they have the upper hand. There will be conversations where you don't feel like communicating and connecting. There will be nights where you wonder why you chose a leadership position at all. It's times like these where you need a purpose to give you something to be positive about. Purpose fuels positivity and is the reason why you overcome all the challenges and keep moving forward. Purpose is why you wake up and want to transform your team and organization and change the world. Without a greater purpose, there's no great desire. Every great organization must have a greater purpose for why they exist and every positive leader must be driven by purpose to lead others and make a greater impact. Donna Orender, for example, told me that her optimism to transform and improve the PGA Tour and WNBA came from finding the greater purpose that drives her motivation. Motivation doesn't last, but purpose-driven motivation does. Trying to lead without purpose is like driving from New York to California on a half a tank of gas. You'll be running on empty before you know it. But knowing, ...

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