Introduction: We Are the Data

Over the past fifteen years, we've collected a rich set of data from more than three dozen industries and institutional sectors. From this deep pool of participants, we've gathered more than 1400 cases, some of which represent intact teams and some of which represent leadership that oversee thousands more. There's no question that the range of data is extensive.

In fact, it's the only data set of its kind in the world.

We can now unequivocally assert that:

  • Virtual Distance distinguishes cause from effect when sorting through virtual work challenges and outcomes.
  • The Virtual Distance Model provides a sense-making structure that predicts success or failure.
  • Matching predictive Virtual Distance solutions with situational specifics enables leaders to target tactics that predictably increase performance and guard against a myriad of unintended consequences resulting from workplace transformation.

The aggregation of more than a decade worth of Virtual Distance and its impact on organizational outcomes across multiple organizations allows us to demonstrate that the results detailed in this updated edition show how our studies replicate across time and organizational contexts. That is, our results are not simply snapshots of cross-sectional conclusions.

Moreover, our data and experience unquestionably demonstrate that Virtual Distance represents a fundamentally new leadership challenge. This serious scenario is pervasive and shows up in every industry, ...

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