NOTES: Page references in italics indicate Figures, references in boldface indicate Tables, references in italicized boldface indicate Exhibits.

A Call to Action, 84

Academic Leadership Institute, 182–183


“as if”, 68–70

providing the resources for, 20

Advisory Team

creating your, 104–108

membership, 70

responsibilities, 234–237

affirmation, building on prior successes, 10–11

Affirmative Topics

alignment with Change Agenda, 129

characteristics of good, 132–133

measuring, 133–134

selecting, 7, 59, 134–139

See also 4-D Cycle

Agenda, Change. See Change Agenda

agility, organizational, 87–88

Aging Advisory Council, Boulder County, 257

AI principles

Anticipatory, 52, 60–63, 178

Constructionist, 51–55

Enactment, 52, 68–71


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