The Power Presenter: Techniques, Style, and Strategy to Be Suasive, 2nd Edition

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Present with Power, Poise, and ConfidenceIn Any Environment, Live or Virtual

To succeed, leaders must deliver powerful presentations at every opportunity: speeches, fireside chats, briefings, pitches, virtual meetings, videoconferences, podcasts, and beyond. Whether youre in front of a live audience or a webcam, the way you present yourself verbally and non-verbally is crucial to your success. Top presentation coach Jerry Weissman gives you the same battle-tested techniques, styles, and strategies he has provided to senior executives at thousands of companies. His proven methodology has enabled presenters to attract investors, sell products, propose partnerships, and get high-stakes projects approved. Youll follow a step-by-step plan to shape your content, control your nerves, master your body language, integrate your graphics with your delivery, and much more.

The Power Presenter is packed with proven techniques, practical tools, and case studies of famous power presentersincluding many business leaders new to this edition. It will help you engage any audience from start to finish and deliver persuasive presentations when it counts most.

Part of the Jerry Weissman Presentation Trilogy!

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Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. About This eBook
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright Page
  5. Dedication
  6. Case Studies
  7. Contents
  8. Figure Credits
  9. Register Your Book
  10. Foreword to the Second Edition
    1. All the World’s a Stage
  11. Preface: Show Me the Money
  12. Introduction: The Deer in the Headlights
    1. Fight-or-Flight
    2. Adrenaline Rush Remedies
    3. The Mental Method
    4. Book Conventions
  13. Chapter One: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
    1. Audience Advocacy®
    2. The Power of the Visual
  14. Chapter Two: Creating Empathy with Your Audience
    1. Empathy
    2. The Science of Empathy
    3. The Effectiveness Matrix
  15. Chapter Three: The Butterflies in Your Stomach
    1. Fight-or-Flight: Internal Dynamics
    2. Fight-or-Flight: External Dynamics
    3. Presenter Behavior/Audience Perception
    4. The Yikes! Moment
  16. Chapter Four: The Quest for Content
    1. Slides
    2. Script
    3. Teleprompter (Also Known as Autocue)
    4. Comfort Monitors
    5. Advanced Technology
    6. Five Simple Steps to Develop Your Story
  17. Chapter Five: The Mental Method
    1. Concentration
    2. The Mind–Body Connection
    3. The Mental Method
    4. Delivering Your Message
  18. Chapter Six: The Learning Process
    1. Change
    2. The Four Stages of Learning
    3. Comfort Zone Paradox
    4. Repetition over Time
    5. The Yikes! Moment
    6. The Suasive Master Skills Cycle
  19. Chapter Seven: Speak with Your Body Language
    1. The Historic Kennedy–Nixon Debate
    2. External Factors/Audience Perception
    3. Visual Dynamics
    4. Vocal Dynamics
    5. Putting It All Together
  20. Chapter Eight: Control Your Cadence: The Phrase
    1. Cadence
    2. Complete the Arc®
    3. Rising/Falling Inflection
    4. Complete the Arc in Action
  21. Chapter Nine: Control Your Cadence: The Pause
    1. Unwords
    2. Ten Benefits of the Pause
    3. Speak Only to Eyes®
    4. Phrase & PauseSM
    5. Cadence Summary
  22. Chapter Ten: Tools of the Trade
    1. Position
    2. The Presentation Checklist
    3. Putting It All Together
  23. Chapter Eleven: SlideSynchronization
    1. Design/Delivery Balance
    2. The Suasive Meta Design Concepts
    3. Seven Steps of SlideSync Delivery
    4. SlideSync Delivery in Action
  24. Chapter Twelve: SlideSync Narrative
    1. Describe
    2. Narrative Continuity
    3. Three Simple Steps of Continuity
    4. Putting It All Together
  25. Chapter Thirteen: Masters of the Game
    1. The Great Communicator
    2. Sir Winston Churchill
    3. President John F. Kennedy
    4. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
    5. Reverend Billy Graham
    6. The Great Communicator Redux
    7. The Great Orators: Conversation and Empathy
  26. Coda: Ending with the Beginning
    1. Bookends
    2. The Master Skills in Action
    3. The Best Compliment
  27. Endnotes
  28. Appendix A Video Links
    1. Video Links
    2. Audio Links
  29. Acknowledgments
  30. About the Author
  31. Index

Product information

  • Title: The Power Presenter: Techniques, Style, and Strategy to Be Suasive, 2nd Edition
  • Author(s): Jerry Weissman
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Pearson FT Press
  • ISBN: 9780136933793