Chapter 2. Proactively Establish Goals for IT

You Call the Shots

As CIO, you know your company's IT systems better than anyone. Or at least you should. Don't put yourself in a position where someone else is telling you what to do with your IT systems. That would be unfortunate. You're the boss of IT; you call the shots.

Obviously, one of your first tasks will be cutting costs. You will have to move aggressively and intelligently. Don't bother looking for low-hanging fruit. By now, most of it will be gone.

My suggestion is to divide your cost-cutting activities into three tracks. That will make the decision-making process more manageable. Remember, this is likely to be the most difficult challenge of your career. Here are the three tracks I use to "divide and conquer" my cost-cutting objectives:

  1. Discretionary spending

  2. Non-discretionary spending

  3. Service contracts

Discretionary Spending ...

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