Chapter 9. Building Relationships Across the Enterprise—And Beyond

Earning Credibility

Much of the advice I have given in the previous chapters has focused on the goals a CIO must set, and the steps required to achieve them. But accomplishing those goals requires strength of personality. This type of strength flows from your ability to build and nourish personal relationships.

Darwin John, former CIO of the FBI, with previous high-level positions at the Mormon Church and the Scott Paper Company, says that the quality of a CIO's life is a function of the quality of his or her relationships. Developing these relationships takes time and energy. "It's something you can't force," he says.

I know that you have already heard this, but it is worth repeating: Your team is what gets you through good times and bad times. Your team must trust you and believe that you know what you are doing. If they do not trust you and believe in you, they will not be able to help you, no matter how talented and experienced they are.

Creating Relationships, One-on-One

I have a Facebook account. You can find me on LinkedIn. I even send tweets every now and then. But I believe ...

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