6.3. TACACS+

TACACS+ is an AAA protocol similar to RADIUS that was developed by Cisco Systems. TACACS+ is loosely based on two depreciated protocols, TACACS and Extended TACACS (XTACACS)—TACACS+ is incompatible with both TACACS and XTACACS. Because of serious security flaws in the TACACS and XTACACS designs, it is recommended that they not be used in favor of the TACACS+ model.

While TACACS+ was developed by Cisco, the specification for the TACACS+ protocol has been released to the public. Other networking vendors, including Extreme Networks and Foundry Networks, have incorporated TACACS+ into their products.

While TACACS+ performs the same function as RADIUS, its origins are different. TACACS+ was originally developed as a protocol to control ...

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