Part 2

10 presenting skills in action

Skill 1     Presenting to sell a product

Skill 2     Presenting a concept or idea

Skill 3     Presenting to motivate and inspire

Skill 4     Presenting change

Skill 5     Presenting a team brief

Skill 6     Presenting a new project

Skill 7     Presenting at a meeting

Skill 8     Presenting on a conference call or webinar

Skill 9     Presenting data

Skill 10   Presenting in 5 minutes


This part focuses on providing specific tips for particular presentation situations that you might find yourself in. It is intended to be a reference guide, to dip in and out of as you see fit.


Skill 1

Presenting to sell a product

If selling a product is the purpose of your presentation, it is very easy to focus on all the ...

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