Build a Foundation That Supports Heavy Profits

Opening Your Doors

When it comes time to actually start your business there are certain steps you must take. In this chapter I will talk about what I call the mundane must-haves. These are, while boring I admit, things that you just can't build a profitable business without. Profits occupy the second floor of your business. That means they are built on top of the first floor, which is your marketing and sales activity. That floor, though, is built on top of the foundation of your house, things like your office, your billing systems, your brand, website, pricing structures, and so on. Too many consultants ignore the foundation and then wonder why they're struggling.

All of the steps in this chapter are things you need to do right up front, before you even think about speaking to your first prospect.

What Should You Call the Business?

It all starts with a name. Not to argue with Shakespeare, but the name you choose, unlike that of a rose, will indeed determine if it smells sweet or not. The name of your company is one of the most important things you can decide on, as it is a big part of that all-so-vital first impression.

Naming any business can be a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be insanely complicated. Important shouldn't translate to impossible in this exercise. There are companies out there that will build such fear and hype, then charge thousands or literally tens of thousands of dollars to help you select a name. But ...

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