Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid

Squeezing the Trigger

And now you find yourself having built the foundations for a profitable practice, chosen your target, built your weapon, and put one in the chamber. You're poised to squeeze the trigger on this thing you've created called your new consulting practice.

I'm all for aggressive action, but be wise about it. You've learned a lot of stuff and it will take a while to get it all working right. You'll make a lot of mistakes but I like to remember an old saying that goes: “Wisdom comes from good judgment. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.”

Be okay with making lots of mistakes as the more you make the wiser you become. To help you squeeze that trigger, here are the final few pieces of the puzzle I'd like to share with you.

Comfort Zones

It was the writer Dostoyevsky who wrote, “Taking a new step is what people fear most.”

Getting out of your comfort zone can be a difficult thing to do for many new consultants. Unfortunately, as the new solopreneur you are, it's very likely that you will have new tasks and responsibilities that you haven't had to do before, or for a long time. Maybe you were the executive vice president of a company and it's been 20 years since you made a sales call. Perhaps you've never written and submitted articles to journals, or made a video. Whatever it is, beware the sweet siren call of your comfort zone to only do what you are most comfortable with. ...

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