The Project Management Advisor: 18 Major Project Screw-ups, and How to Cut Them off at the Pass

Book description

This is your complete, hands-on guide to saving projects in trouble.

Drawing on 20 years of frontline project management experience, Lonnie Pacelli identifies the 18 most pervasive causes of project failure: their causes, early warning signs, and how to fix them before it’s too late.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn... to focus on the right problem, find and keep the right sponsors, realistically determine scope,uncover hidden risks, write more effective project plans...

...involve the right people, get your whole team on the same page... with vendors who don’t deliver... manage and minimize cost overruns...

...communicate more effectively...test right, train right...

...streamline that last, endless 10% and finish strong...

...and more...

...a whole lot more.

If you’re a working project manager, consultant, or team leader, this book is your secret weapon. It’s fast. Relevant. Practical. Easy to read. Easy to use. Above all: it works.

Running a project? Smell trouble? Get this book.

Here are specific, practical, immediate solutions for all 18 key causes of project failure.

Here’s how to diagnose problems before they get out of control. And fix them.

Here’s how to keep any project on track. And any career.

What to do when you’re...

·   Addressing the wrong problem

·   Running over budget

·   Designing the wrong solution

·   Missing key project risks

·   Using the wrong technology

·   Trying to do too much

·   Working from an inadequate plan

·   Not doing enough testing

·   Missing the right sponsorship

·   Not doing enough training

·   Managing a team that won’t gel

·   Relying on vendors who aren’t delivering

·   Not involving the right people

·   Working without a fallback position

·   Failing to communicate

·   Coming up short at the finish line

·   Skidding away from the project plan

·   Deciding whether to pull the plug

Companion Web site

A complete library of practical project management resources:

sample status reports, communications plans, project health checklists, and more

Product information

  • Title: The Project Management Advisor: 18 Major Project Screw-ups, and How to Cut Them off at the Pass
  • Author(s): Lonnie Pacelli
  • Release date: August 2004
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0131490478