D Suggested Course Outline

THIS BOOK IS DESIGNED TO be used to support a graduate-level course in Agile Project Management. The following is a suggested course outline that can be used with the course.

Course Overview

The course provides an understanding of how new Agile principles and practices are changing the landscape of project management and is designed to give experienced project managers fresh new insight into how to successfully blend Agile and traditional project management principles and practices in the right proportions to fit any business and project situation. It is desirable but not essential for the students to have a project management background as well as a basic foundation of knowledge of agile principles and practices. The course provides a much deeper understanding of both Agile and traditional project management principles and practices in order to see them as complementary rather than competitive approaches. Topics include:

  • Agile fundamentals, principles, and practices including the Scrum methodology
  • Understanding Agile at a deeper level and the roots of Agile
  • Agile Project Management Principles and Practices, Tools and Techniques
  • Adapting an Agile approach to fit a business environment at an enterprise level
  • Planning and managing an enterprise-level Agile transformation for a business
  • Scaling agile to an enterprise level (including the use of enterprise-level Agile frameworks and Agile Project Management tools)
  • Enterprise-level Agile Transformations

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