5Predicating and Nonpredicating Combinations

Edward J. ShobenUniversity of Illinois

During the past 15 years, there has been a great deal of interest in categorization. This work has ranged from the early work in how people classify a particular exemplar as a member of a particular category (Rosch, 1975; Smith, Shoben, & Rips, 1974) to more recent concerns about how categories are structured and learned (Armstrong, Gleitman, & Gleitman, 1983; Medin & Wattenmaker, 1987). Medin (1989) provides a useful summary of this work.

Despite the large volume of work on categorization per se, there has been very little work on another aspect of concepts: how concepts are combined (although see Gleitman & Gleitman, 1970; Murphy, 1990). In some cases, such ...

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