This book is about the psychology of coaching, mentoring and learning. There are many books about learning and mentoring; there are even more about coaching. However, there are very few books that bring together these important, diverse and growing fields, making them intersect. The title of the book reflects the value I place on diversity in the emerging discipline of coaching and how the latter can be enriched by being continuously expanded so as to include mentoring, while it remains grounded in the solid foundation of the psychology of learning.


The aim of this chapter is to help readers gain a rapid understanding of the nature of the book and find easily the information it offers. It provides a rationale for the book, together with a résumé of its overall structure and a brief description of each chapter. It also suggests how readers working at different levels can use the book to make it meet their interests, experience and professional competence.

Whom Is It For?

The purpose of this book is to show how individuals and organizations can apply the theories and principles of psychology in coaching, mentoring and learning. To this end, the book is written for the following groups:

  • coaches, mentors and trainers who would like to learn the general theories and principles of psychology that underpin coaching, mentoring and learning;
  • psychologists who want to apply their experience to the coaching, mentoring and training of individuals and organizations;
  • senior executives ...

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