Continuing Professional Development, Learning Resources and Practical Exercises


Following on from Chapter 7, this chapter provides you with some of the particular aspects of the integrative learning system (ILS) that need to feature in coaching or mentoring training and with some of the resources and exercises to support those main areas. The chapter does not attempt to cover a training course, not least because every programme needs to be different. As a starting point, it describes a supervision approach that fits in with the ILS; this is followed by a consideration of the ‘receptiveness’ approach to coaching and mentoring as a precursor to selection for training. We then go on to consider exercises from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and gestalt that can strengthen your practice whether you are using a simple, three-step approach to coaching and mentoring or the GROW model. The chapter then discusses storytelling exercises, which can also inform generic coach or mentor practice and one aspect of the narrative psychodrama – for those who want to experiment. We go into specific techniques and questioning areas, which readers can readily adapt to their exercises. Similarly, the other techniques discussed in Chapter 7 are easily adapted for triad work in which one participant in training observes the dialogue between the others and gives feedback.

ILS Training and Continuous Professional Development

ILS can be mapped onto your own training provision for coaching and ...

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