The Quick Python Book, Third Edition

Book description


This third revision of Manning's popular The Quick Python Book offers a clear, crisp updated introduction to the elegant Python programming language and its famously easy-to-read syntax. Written for programmers new to Python, this latest edition includes new exercises throughout. It covers features common to other languages concisely, while introducing Python's comprehensive standard functions library and unique features in detail.

About the Technology

Initially Guido van Rossum�s 1989 holiday project, Python has grown into an amazing computer language. It�s a joy to learn and read, and powerful enough to handle everything from low-level system resources to advanced applications like deep learning. Elegantly simple and complete, it also boasts a massive ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Python programmers are in high demand�you can�t afford not to be fluent!

About the Book

The Quick Python Book, Third Edition is a comprehensive guide to the Python language by a Python authority, Naomi Ceder. With the personal touch of a skilled teacher, she beautifully balances details of the language with the insights and advice you need to handle any task. Extensive, relevant examples and learn-by-doing exercises help you master each important concept the first time through. Whether you�re scraping websites or playing around with nested tuples, you�ll appreciate this book�s clarity, focus, and attention to detail.

What�s inside

  • Clear coverage of Python 3

  • Core libraries, packages, and tools

  • In-depth exercises

  • Five new data science�related chapters

  • About the Reader

    Written for readers familiar with programming concepts�no Python experience assumed.

    About the Author

    Naomi Ceder is chair of the Python Software Foundation. She has been learning, using, and teaching Python since 2001.

    Product information

    • Title: The Quick Python Book, Third Edition
    • Author(s): Naomi Ceder
    • Release date: May 2018
    • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
    • ISBN: 9781617294037