Putting It All Together

The holistic objective of the Rotating Directional System (RDS) strategy is to live large and you will overcome all obstacles to reach your destination. What does that mean? When we moved to Los Angeles and ended up in Hollywood, we knew we were achieving the dreams that we set out to accomplish when we entered this business. As our frequent exercise routine consisted of running outdoors we would venture toward the iconic Hollywood sign not too far from where we live. As we stopped and paused for a breather when we reached the top, we came up with a significant word to identify and reflect on how we got here. Living large has a meaning to us as achieving what we set out to accomplish in this business and our lives. We hope you find something to help remind you of where you want to go and how hard you will fight to get it!

We will be assuming from here on out that you have a strong idea of what our five rules are and how we use them in our strategy. This chapter will focus on the when, where, and how confident we are about price direction of a currency pair or any market for that matter as we relate it to fundamental and geo-political economic conditions of the time. We also assume that you have begun to establish some strong visions of risk/reward and how you are going to handle each contract you buy or sell. Risk will be addressed further in this section but we want to remind you of preparing for at least one to four levels of expected price ...

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