Chapter 9. Citrix CCA Exam: XenApp 5.0 Security

Exam objectives in this chapter:

▪ Configuring ICA Encryption
▪ Using Digital Certificates
▪ Configuring Citrix SSL Relay
▪ Citrix Secure Gateway
▪ Access Gateway
▪ Troubleshooting Common Problems
Exam objectives review:
Summary of Exam Objectives
Exam Objectives Fast Track
Exam Objectives Frequently Asked Questions
Self Test
Self Test Quick Answer Key


Several options are available for securing connections to XenApp Servers. You can use the Secure ICA or SSL for encryption. Internal SSL connections can be made using Citrix SSL Relay, whereas external SSL connections can be made using Citrix Secure Gateway or Citrix Access Gateway.
SSL, an industry standard method for encrypting connections, provides ...

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