CHAPTER 4Categories That Simplify

By the time she felt a tap on her shoulder, Susie had listed over 150 people. She couldn’t believe it. Highground must have read her mind again.

“Told you so,” he said.

She took off the headset and stood up. “Incredible.”

“You’ll have your 250 easy with a little more work,” High-ground assured her.

“Ready for lunch?” Paul asked.


As they walked toward the restaurant, Susie asked, “What do you do, Paul?”

Paul glanced at Highground with a grin and answered, “I’m in the business of being comfortable with who I am so I can help others achieve what they want to get—and get where they want to go. Our Mr. Highground here says that I’m relational-business. I’m with a tremendous company that produces a variety ...

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