Chapter 4Will You Go There?

At Eric's recommendation, William arranged to meet with Susannah for an initial discussion, prior to formally beginning any coaching, to make sure they both felt comfortable working together.

Susannah asked some helpful questions to find out where he was currently at and whether he was ready and willing to look at himself and make the necessary changes. She explained how the process would work and warned William that it would take him out of his comfort zone.

‘It may not be easy and it will probably feel painful at times,’ Susannah said. ‘Are you prepared to go there William?’ And her words would stick in his mind in the days that followed. ‘Do I have permission to challenge you and ask questions you may never have been asked before? It's likely we'll go to places that are uncomfortable for you, but with my support it will help bring about the changes you desire and embed them as new practices in your daily life.’

Following the meeting, Susannah sent William a questionnaire, asking him to complete it before their first session. The questions forced him to think differently and some of them stumped him, such as one that inquired, ‘Define what success means to you.’ William had never asked himself that before and as he automatically typed out a list of his most prized material possessions, he paused to reflect. ‘I already have most of these things, I'm well up the career ladder and my kids are in private education, yet I'm still not happy. In fact, ...

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