Chapter 7The Power of the Priority Order

Hi, William,' said Susannah cheerfully, at the start of his next coaching session. ‘You look much happier than when we first met. Tell me, what's been happening for you?’

‘Well, this values stuff is amazing! I feel like it's something I should have always known and can't believe I've only just discovered it.’

‘It's great you've discovered it now or even rediscovered some of it. It's about to bring some really positive changes in your life. And just to put you at ease, it's fairly normal to feel this way – most people don't truly know what their core values are, let alone the power of the priority order.’

William was eager. ‘I can already guess. Achievement will definitely be high up there, because once I set my mind to something I don't rest until I've achieved it. That includes this process! Although I did mindfully take the time to reflect and journal too. I see the importance of this.’

‘Let's see shall we? But just before we go through the process of the priority order, share with me what's happened since our last session, so we can double check to make sure these truly are your core values.’

William had sent Susannah a list of his values and what they meant to him in the days leading up to this coaching session, but she now wanted him to bring his words to life … and would challenge him if necessary to help him get deeper clarity.

‘Adventure was a real surprise,’ said William. ‘But I didn't realize how much I love it. This is what ...

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