Chapter 8Using Values with Conscious Intent

At the start of his next coaching session, Susannah explained that now William was aware of his values and the power of the priority order, it would be useful to look at where his values were impacting his life and how he could use them with more conscious intent.


‘Okay, William, let's look at the importance of your personal leadership power.’

‘My personal leadership power? I don't want power over others, isn't this what you and Steve would describe as ego-based?’

Susannah laughed. ‘I love where your thought process is going, but no, this isn't about having power over others. It's about the power of knowing who you are, staying true to yourself and standing in this power, because that's where leadership starts. What I'm about to share will take courage to implement. You'll be changing the way you do things, by being your trueself and people will judge you for that … you may even find that some can't handle it.’

William looked a little shocked but stopped himself from interrupting and let Susannah continue.

‘This is why most people are not being true to themselves. They worry what others think, they want to fit in and do what's “expected”. We'll explore some concepts together, and then I'll support you through the process of implementing these in the world outside this room. I'm going to help you really remain at conscious choice and own your personal power in all that you do. Let's look at a model, which ...

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