Chapter 9Shared Values and Courageous Conversations

William was now much more conscious of who he was. He increasingly understood the power of his values and it was time to ignite them even more. Ensuring his decisions and choices were aligned to his values and that he was building relationships through them, and confirming that the goals and intentions he set for the future were in line with them, made sense. It was also time for him to really trust and act on his intuition. If he planned his future, based on what was really important to him, he would actually enjoy the process and feel much happier and more fulfilled. The only person he needed to escape from was himself … his old self.


William had already begun his transformation and was no longer behaving as the person he was before discovering and defining his values. He was a different person now with new awareness, which he was acting on. A different version of William was emerging. In just a few weeks, the journey of understanding his values and the power of the priority order, the Triangle of Self-Leadership, the conflict loop and understanding his rules, had helped him change, yet the real proof was to come in the next part of the process … Igniting his values in all that he did.

He knew he had to let go of his old ways of being and show up as the new version of himself … the real version. It felt good that he knew he was going to do this, yet a little scary too. He wasn't sure exactly how it would ...

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