Chapter 10Conscious Choices and Expressing Your Truth


William now understood what Steve meant when he'd said ‘You are always “at choice” conscious choice’. He always had a choice in any given moment, even if it didn't feel that way. He may not always be completely in line with all of his values, but he was aware of them and better able to make more informed choices.

Would it be different anywhere else? William realized that if he left Gant Foster he'd just be changing the external environment. Besides, he was getting a renewed excitement about what he was learning about himself and he remembered how much he used to love his work, particularly in the early years when he felt free to be himself. It was the internal that he'd needed to change, which he was making great progress on. If he left the company now, he'd simply be taking the same version of himself elsewhere. There must be so many people who run away from themselves, he thought, who take a new job because the grass seems greener. But it takes real courage to stay, look inside yourself and be the person you really are.

William was looking at his situation very differently now. It was an adventure, a challenge, a discovery; and when he saw it like that he came alive.

William decided to call Kate, the headhunter who'd previously approached him about a move away from Gant Foster. He intuitively knew that leaving was not the answer and now his values had made this conscious. In the past he'd been confused ...

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