Chapter 13Staying on the Path

William didn't really need further confirmation that staying at Gant Foster was the right choice, but it was lovely that the conversation with Kristen had solidified this. What if he had left? He didn't even want to go there. He had made the right decision, which he knew intuitively, and then consciously checking in with his values had confirmed it.

He discussed this with Susannah during one of his monthly momentum sessions: ‘I can't imagine what I would have been like if I had left, I would never have discovered all of this.’

‘You may have,’ said Susannah, ‘at another time or in another way.’

William laughed. ‘Oh yes and a few more “smacks in the face”, I would have gone through the same cycle over again until something bigger …,’ he stopped himself. ‘Well, I am not going to go there.’

‘You chose the path that was right for you at this point in time, William. For others, the right decision may have been to leave; but it is doing this work, as you are experiencing now, that put you in a much more empowered place to make an informed and conscious choice that you know is right for you.’

Now, he knew this didn't mean everything would be smooth sailing. There would be more tests, challenges and learnings on the path he had chosen. He knew these would lead to more realizations and growth opportunities and he was embracing it all. There were also rewards, the sense of fulfilment and the magic that living and leading in line with your values brings, together ...

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