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The Revenue Growth Habit: The Simple Art of Growing Your Business by 15% in 15 Minutes Per Day

Book Description

Grow your business by 15% with these proven daily growth actions

Do you have trouble finding time during your hectic day to grow your business? Is your company stalled because you are too busy reacting to customer problems? Do you lack the funds to jumpstart an effective marketing plan?

The Revenue Growth Habit gives business owners, leaders, and all customer facing staff a hands-on resource for increasing revenue that is fast, easy, and requires no financial investment. Alex Goldfayn, CEO of the Evangelist Marketing Institute, shows how to grow your organization by 15% or more in 15 minutes or less per day—without spending a penny of your money.

Forget about relying on social media. Posting on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn doesn't grow revenue, especially for business-to-business companies. The Revenue Growth Habit shows how to request and collect testimonials and how to communicate these testimonials to grow your business. You will discover how to write powerful case studies, ask for (and get!) referrals, grow your lists, and send a revenue-growing newsletter. Goldfayn also includes information for teaching your customer service people how to inform your current clients about what else they can buy from you. This proven approach revolves around letting your customers tell your story. There is nothing you can say about your products and services that is more effective than what your paying customers say.

How does it work? Each day, take one quick, proactive communication action that tells someone about how they'll be improved after buying from you. Choose from the 22 actions Goldfayn details in The Revenue Growth Habit. Each technique is fast, simple, and free. It only requires your personal effort to communicate the value of your product or service to someone who can buy from you. Personal communication—the key to the 22 action steps—will make your company stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Introduction You Deserve More Revenue
  6. Download Revenue Growth Forms and Templates
  7. Part One: The Simple Revenue Growth Process
    1. Chapter 1: Revenue Growth Is Fast, Simple, and Free
      1. Who This Book Is For
      2. Your Today: Busy and Reactive to Customer Problems
      3. Your Tomorrow: Proactively Growing Your Sales in 15 Minutes or Less Daily
      4. It All Begins with Your Mindset
      5. Ready?
    2. Chapter 2: Here's What Your Growth Plan Will Look Like by the End of This Book
    3. Chapter 3: Why Do You Work?
  8. Part Two: The Growth Mindset—Change Your Thinking, Grow Your Business
    1. Chapter 4: It's Impossible to Outmarket Your Mindset
      1. Shift Your Thinking
    2. Chapter 5: “But I'm Already Really Busy!”
    3. Chapter 6: The Difference between Knowing and Doing
      1. The Distance between Knowing and Doing
      2. How I Lost 50 Pounds in Four Months
    4. Chapter 7: The Mind-Numbingly Simple Definition of Marketing
      1. Selling Pushes, Marketing Pulls
    5. Chapter 8: The Only Meaningful Measure of Marketing
      1. Marketing Is as Much Art as Science
      2. Three Additional Useful Measures of Marketing
    6. Chapter 9: It Really Is This Simple!
    7. Chapter 10: Your Products and Services Are Much Better Than Your Marketing
      1. Your Products and Services versus Your Marketing
      2. Identifying the Quadrants
    8. Chapter 11: “We Don't Like to Brag”
    9. Chapter 12: Frequently Raised Resistance (FRR)
      1. What This Resistance Has in Common
    10. Chapter 13: Your Customers Speak More Positively about You Than You Speak about Yourself
    11. Chapter 14: Marinating in Positivity: The Magic of Proactive Customer Conversations
      1. Customer Complaints Find Us
      2. But We Have to Go Get the Good Stuff
      3. A Steady Drip
      4. Pouring Cement on Your Relationship
      5. What Happens When We Marinate in Positivity?
  9. Part Three: 22 Fast, Simple Techniques for Revenue Growth
    1. Chapter 15: What These 22 Revenue Growth Techniques Have in Common
      1. They Are Communication Actions
      2. One-on-One and Company-to-Many
      3. A Focus on Quantity, not Quality
      4. Snowflakes to Blizzards
      5. Like Your Products and Services, These Communications Help People
      6. These Techniques Are Simple
      7. No Money Required
      8. A Focus on Language
      9. There's No Wrong Way to Do This
      10. Do What You Like, Do What Works
    2. Chapter 16: Choreographing Your Revenue Growth Dance
    3. Chapter 17: Growth Technique #1: The Art and Science of Getting the Testimonial
      1. Telephone Is Best
      2. Five or 10 Minutes, No More
      3. The Good Customers, not the Angry Ones
      4. Setting Up Your Customer Conversation
      5. Starting the Conversation
      6. Permission to Record
      7. Note-Taking
      8. Key Questions and Follow-Up Techniques
      9. What Your Customer Doesn't Talk About
      10. Obtaining Permission to Share Testimonials
      11. There Is No Wrong Way of Doing This
    4. Chapter 18: Lessons from a Sample Customer Interview
      1. The CEO and Owner
      2. Lessons from This Customer Interview
      3. The Testimonials
      4. Revenue Language: Testimonials
    5. Chapter 19: Growth Technique #2: Don't Be a Tree Falling in the Forest—Communicate Testimonials
      1. Communicating Testimonials Internally
      2. Rule of Thumb: Everything that Leaves Your Office Should Contain a Testimonial
      3. Where to Communicate Testimonials
    6. Chapter 20: Growth Technique #3: Create Short, Powerful Case Studies
      1. A Case Study Comes from Customer Interviews
      2. The Four Parts of a Good Study
      3. Sample Case Study
    7. Chapter 21: Growth Technique #4: Communicate Case Studies to People Who Can Buy from You
      1. By Email, One-On-One
      2. By Email, to Your List
      3. By Postal Mail
      4. Create a Powerful Book of Case Studies
    8. Chapter 22: Growth Technique #5: The Million-Dollar Question—This One Technique Can Grow Your Business by 10% Immediately
      1. Ask Yourself This Simple Question
      2. A Slight Increase in Awareness Catapults Sales
      3. How to Increase Your Awareness Percentage
      4. How to Ask the “Did You Know” Question
      5. Who Should Ask?
      6. Strategies for Systematizing the Did You Know Question
    9. Chapter 23: Growth Technique #6: How to Get Referrals
      1. Don't Use the Word “Referral”
      2. Request Referrals by Phone or in Person
      3. Referral Technique #1: Connection to Another Company
      4. Referral Technique #2: Internal Connection
      5. Referral Technique #3: Plant the Seed, Harvest the Fruit
      6. What to Do When Somebody Gives You a Referral
      7. Finally, Call the Referral ASAP
    10. Chapter 24: Growth Technique #7: The Power of Owner Calls
    11. Chapter 25: Growth Technique #8: The Seven-Figure Follow-Up Process
    12. Chapter 26: Growth Technique #9: The Magic of the Handwritten Note
      1. Why Send Handwritten Notes
    13. Chapter 27: Growth Technique #10: Communicate with Your High-Potential Small Customers (HPSCs)
    14. Chapter 28: Growth Technique #11: Create Your Own Social Media—Relentlessly Grow Your Lists
      1. Where to Maintain Your List
      2. Components of a Good List
      3. The Good List Core Four
      4. Adding Others to Your List
      5. Assign a Keeper of the List
      6. Just…Start
    15. Chapter 29: Growth Technique #12: Categorizing for Revenue Growth—How to Organize Your Lists
      1. Five Examples of List Categories
      2. How to Use Categories
    16. Chapter 30: Growth Technique #13: Send a Wildly Valuable Newsletter to Your List
      1. Your Newsletter Should Be Brief
      2. Your Newsletter Should Be Seen as Valuable
      3. Ideal Newsletter Frequency
      4. Newsletter Structure
      5. Total Time Investment
      6. Email or Snail Mail?
    17. Chapter 31: Growth Technique #14: Growth by White Papers
    18. Chapter 32: Growth Technique #15: Turning Trade Shows into Revenue
    19. Chapter 33: Growth Technique #16: Host an Unforgettable Event for Customers and Prospects
    20. Chapter 34: Growth Technique #17: Speak(er) the Truth—You're the Expert
      1. Speeches to Business
      2. How to Write Speeches
    21. Chapter 35: Growth Technique #18: Conduct Webinars That Bring New Business
      1. How to Put on a Good Webinar
    22. Chapter 36: Growth Technique #19: How to Grow Your Business with Videos
      1. Rules for Effective Revenue Growth Videos
      2. What to Create Videos On
      3. How to Create Good Videos
      4. How to Share Your Videos with Customers and Prospects
    23. Chapter 37: Growth Technique #20: Public Relationships—How to Leverage the Media for Revenue Growth
      1. Your Media Plan
    24. Chapter 38: Growth Technique #21: Price Increases Are a Growth Technique!
    25. Chapter 39: Growth Technique #22: The Single, Most Important Website Edit for Revenue Growth
    26. Chapter 40: Growth Techniques by Job Title
  10. Part Four: Executing the Plan
    1. Chapter 41: Action Is Everything
    2. Chapter 42: How Perfection and Procrastination Kill Revenue
    3. Chapter 43: Why 15 Minutes? Because It's Enough to Grow Your Business Dramatically
    4. Chapter 44: Introducing the 15-Minute Marketing® Planner
      1. The 15-Minute Revenue Growth Planner
      2. One Action a Day
      3. Be Specific
      4. Timing and Tracking
    5. Chapter 45: What Sets My Most Successful Clients Apart (Accountability)
      1. Accountability Details
    6. Chapter 46: Grow Forth and Execute
  11. Appendix Workbook for Launching the Revenue Growth Habit
  12. Index
  13. End User License Agreement