1Revenue Growth Is Fast, Simple, and Free

Today, I run a seven-figure revenue-growth consulting practice by myself, out of my home. It's a very successful business, and there are few sole proprietorships with zero employees at this level.

But not that long ago, I would go to bed praying that I could feed my family, and when it comes to prayers, I don't really know what I'm doing. I had just changed business models, and I was going through the process of learning how to consult. There were months when we were literally out of money. It was a painful, anxious, frightening time, seared into my brain. Frankly, it was my greatest fear coming true. I promised myself that if I got things turned around, I would never be in that position again.

And then I started developing and applying my Revenue Growth Habit—the mindset changes and quick behaviors that make up this book. The techniques laid out in these pages were designed for my clients. But, they also moved my business from the struggle to serious success.

The Revenue Growth Habit turned my business around quickly, and transformed it into the thriving consultancy I run today. I don't think about running out of money anymore, because I know that when a need for additional revenue arises, I can simply dial up the techniques in this book. They are like a rheostat, to be adjusted upwards and downwards, as needed.

These approaches have also grown the companies of dozens of clients by 10% to 20% in their first year with me. One client ...

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