2Here's What Your Growth Plan Will Look Like by the End of This Book

The Revenue Growth Habit will grow your business because when you develop it, customers and prospects will hear from you far more than they're currently hearing from you.

When your Revenue Growth Habit is in full effect, you will have two parallel tracks of communications occurring simultaneously:

The One-on-One Communications Track

These communications will be made by your salespeople, customer service people, and executives to customers and prospects. These activities are done in person, on the phone, by email, by snail mail, and any other way you can think of to communicate your value to people who can buy it.

The Company-to-Many Communications Track

This track of communications is what business schools call direct marketing. These activities begin with a good list of your customers and prospects and a consistent newsletter that demonstrates your amazing value to customers and prospects. A list and a high-value newsletter make for an excellent start to this track. Then we can add in other elements like sending testimonials and case studies, distributing a white paper, or holding webinars and live meetings. Ideally, this process is managed by a marketing quarterback who oversees its execution.

Figure 2.1 shows what these two tracks look like in action.


Figure 2.1 The Revenue Growth Habit Is Made Up of ...

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