6The Difference between Knowing and Doing

You already know what to do.

You're smart. You know this stuff.

I'm not going to teach you very much in this book that you don't already know.

For example, you know that you should be asking for more referrals, right?

Similarly, you know that you should have a good list of all your customers and prospects, and you should stay in regular contact with them by consistently sending a high-value newsletter.


The question is, are you doing what you know to do?

Yes, the work is easy.

Yes, you've probably already heard about most of what's in this book.

What's more, you probably deeply understand the importance of doing this work. Your success and your family's well-being are the end result of this effort.

The problem is, if you're like most people, you're probably not doing enough of this stuff. Not because you don't want to. But as we discussed in the last chapter, simply because you're extremely busy. One after another, customers make their urgent requests, and you must deliver on them.

The Distance between Knowing and Doing

So, I hope you agree with me that you are on the left side of the visual depicted in Figure 6.1. And where you want to be is on the right, actually doing what we know we should.


Figure 6.1 The Distance between Knowing and Doing

What separates them? What's the distance between knowing and doing (and there's really ...

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