20Growth Technique #3: Create Short, Powerful Case Studies

Good case studies describe what your customer bought, why he bought it, and how he was improved by doing business with you. That's it.

Good case studies are short. In fact, they should never be longer than one page. Why ask people to read all of those details? Just tell your readers about how you helped your customer.

A Case Study Comes from Customer Interviews

If you interviewed your customer to collect testimonials, you have everything you need to create an effective case study. Same conversation. You don't have to talk with them again. One interaction of 5 to 10 minutes gets you everything you need for numerous testimonials and a case study.

The Four Parts of a Good Study

A good case study has four parts:

  1. The problem. What was wrong when the customer came to you? Why did the customer come to you? What problem did she need to solve? This is one or two sentences.
  2. The solution. What did they buy? Name your product, service, or project here. This is one or two sentences.
  3. The value.
    • This is your longest section.
    • It is made up of bullet points.
    • Describe how your customer improved as a result of buying your product.
    • What got better?
    • Did the business grow? Did the customer save time? Did the customer make her customers happy?
    • Detail the qualitative, quantitative, and emotional value your customer expressed.
    • These should be in the third person.
  4. A testimonial. Paste in a testimonial from this customer's collection.

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