22Growth Technique #5: The Million-Dollar Question—This One Technique Can Grow Your Business by 10% Immediately

They are your best customers or your average ones.

They've been with you for months, or years, or decades.

You've shown them catalogs, sent them promotions, and detailed your products and services countless times. You've been to their offices, and they've been to yours. Perhaps you've golfed together, lunched together, and had drinks together.

They must know about everything they can buy from you, right?

Sadly, no, they don't.

Just as you are, your customers are busy. They have their own issues, problems, and emergencies throughout the day. They have their own fires, bosses, and families to think about. They worry about their own businesses, just as you worry about yours. They don't have time to think about your product catalog or service range. Simply, your customers are unaware of everything they can buy from you.

And people cannot buy what they are not aware of.

So, we must make them aware.

Ask Yourself This Simple Question

Think about your entire catalog of products, services, and offerings—everything that a customer can buy from you, from start to finish. Got it? What percentage of all this is your average customer aware of?

Before continuing to read, really think about this and arrive at a number. It's a really important figure, so give it 30 seconds of consideration. When you have it, write it down in the margin here.

I've asked this question hundreds of times ...

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