30Growth Technique #13: Send a Wildly Valuable Newsletter to Your List

After you put together a starter list, which will be expanded and developed from now until the end of time, the first communication you should implement into your company-to-many track is a good newsletter for that list.

Your Newsletter Should Be Brief

Keep your newsletter short; it should be readable in less than five minutes.

My weekly newsletter is called The Evangelist Marketing Minute. It comes out on Monday mornings and is always brief enough to read in less than 60 seconds. There are two reasons for this: First, I want readers to get value quickly, and I want them to know they will always find useful information in my newsletter that takes mere seconds to consume. Second, I don't like writing in long form, but I very much enjoy writing with brevity. And frankly, when I launched it a few years ago, I knew that if each edition took an hour, or hours, to write, I'd simply not do it every time. As it stands, I've never missed a Monday. Holidays, vacation days, and sick days, my readers have received value from me every Monday, for a couple hundred Mondays in a row now.

Go brief, and go on with your day.

And for goodness sake, don't make people click on a link in your newsletter to “continue reading” your story. Simplify their lives, improve their lives, don't complicate them.

Your Newsletter Should Be Seen as Valuable

Your recipients should view your newsletter as being full of value.

Like all good ...

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