Sim B. Sitkin and Katinka M. Bijlsma-Frankema


Trust has long been recognized as having important societal effects (Fox, 1974; Lewis & Weigert, 1985, Mayer, Davis, & Schoorman, 1995; Sitkin & Roth, 1993; Zucker, 1986). Over the years, organizational scholars have studied trust at the interpersonal, organizational, and interorganizational levels (for reviews see Colquitt, Scott, & LePine, 2007; Dirks & Ferrin, 2002; Fulmer & Gelfand, 2012; Rousseau, Sitkin, Burt, & Camerer, 1998; Schoorman, Mayer, & Davis, 2007). For trust researchers, core definitions, constructs, variables, and operationalizations have begun to converge.

In contrast, distrust research has been much slower to emerge, especially as a distinct area of study ...

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