8Multilevel Trust

Antecedents and outcomes of trust at different levels

C. Ashley Fulmer*


Diverse disciplines have examined trust and demonstrated its positive effects on a wide range of outcomes, including employee job satisfaction and performance (Colquitt, Scott, & LePine, 2007; Dirks & Ferrin, 2002), teacher professionalism and school effectiveness (Forsyth, Adams, & Hoy, 2011), consumer purchases and brand loyalty (Geyskens, Steenkamp, & Kumar, 1998), medical treatment adherence and patient outcomes (Lee & Lin, 2009), business alliance performance (Cullen, Johnson, & Sakano, 2000), international conflict de-escalation (Axelrod, 1984), national democracy (Putnam, 1993) and economic well-being (Fukuyama, 1995). Together, the ...

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