Chapter 13

SIL Targeting—Some Practical Examples


This chapter explains in brief few practical examples regarding SIL targeting. Two different case studies analyzed using LOPA techniques are summarized in detail at the end as worksheets, used to determine PFD, using IPLs and IEFs.


Human/system error; IEF; IPL; LOPA; Maximum tolerable failure rate; SIF; SIL targeting

13.1. A Problem Involving EUC/SRS Independence

Figure 13.1 shows the same equipment under control (EUC) as was used in Chapter 11. In this case, however, the additional protection is provided by means of additional K2 pilot valves, provided for each valve, V. This implies that failure of the valves, V, was (wrongly) not perceived to be significant. Closing the K2 pilot valve ...

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